fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

my dream wedding dress

If I ever get married, I want it very much to be in a dress like this:

Well, not just like this because it’s too much of a dark color for a wedding. But if you turned the skirt into an offwhite like the sleeves so only the bodice was that brown? And maybe if you gave it a short train? I can see myself being much more comfortable in this than anything I’ve seen on display in bridal boutiques.

Over at FB, a friend posted a link to a dress from the Rivendell Bridal Co., and my first thought was: if they ever open up a Rohan Bridal Co., let me know. Elven dresses are too flowy for me, but Eowyn’s always struck me as beautiful and feminine but also sort of practical. I can see her hitching up her skirt if she had to run across a muddy field to talk with her brother. And that practical aspect is important to me, for reasons I can’t quite lay my finger on.

Also, I need sleeves and a structured collar or I won’t feel happy. Something about today’s bridal gowns – they offer no modesty and nothing interesting. I have known several friends looking very beautiful and happy in these dresses, and I don’t criticize those choices. But for me, when I imagine myself in one of those dresses, it feels like my body would be on display. Not that I have any bridal aspirations, or any suitors, but I thought this topic was interesting. Both as a sign of how truly geeky I am and also as a glimpse into my psyche.

The runner-up? Something like this dress from the Alice in Wonderland remake. The jacket is much too business-like though; maybe if it were straight sleeves at the elbow and then opened up into bell sleeves.

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