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You know that sinking feeling when politics and the state of the world generally makes you really, really need to laugh, and you tune into Stewart/Colbert only to find out they’re off this week? (Or maybe this is just me.) It’s made a bit better when you realize every clip from 1999 to the present is online, and stuff from fourteen years back is still funny.

Of course, the sad part is this is news satire, and the reason it still works as humor is because it’s still relevant. Which is depressing and disturbing all at the same time. But I missed out pretty much everything from 2004-2010, news-wise, so at least I get to catch up a bit.

On a related note, I saw my first one of these truck/advertisement combos. This is what had me in the need to laugh. I know corporatism invades pretty much every area of life, but still

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