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For last Sunday’s BMEM “wildcard” day, we were asked to reread our favorite chapter of Tolkien. I did the Akallabeth, and for some reason started pulling out the most significant quotes and organizing them for a future essay. Is anyone interested in seeing an “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Numenor, But Were Too Afraid to Ask” essay, giving both a general overview and some looking at some particular topics that interested me, like theodicy, the different ways they practiced organized religion and militarism vs. pacifism?

Also, I wrote dark!fic. I’m told it’s good, and it’s off with the beta, but I really do wish my Akallabeth!muse would realize “That’s some truly dark material” as a personal challenge to dig a little deeper. On the other hand, I suppose we shouldn’t spoil with a good thing. I’ll post it tomorrow, but it makes me wonder, is there any interest in a run-down of my Numenor-centric fic, perhaps in chronological order? It’s a growing collection.

I went to see “Oz” tonight. It was okay but not great. It held together as a story, I guess, and was reasonably consistent with the world. But it also seemed to play with various Biblical metaphors in an incredibly non-specific way that just left me feeling confuzzled, and some other parts seemed to almost be mocking pacifism, which just irritated me. On the other hand, the color scheme was fantastic. I think it’s geared to a family/grade school kid audience, and that might explain why I didn’t care for it. Plus, I devoured the Baum books as a teenager and love them which may explain my high standards here. I mean, I loved the Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland, but then I still have been able to survive my life without reading that book, somehow or other. (I know, I know – that ranks right up there with my never having seen an single episode of Doctor Who or Sherlock which should get my geek card revoked.)

On the other hand, I loved what they did with the color at the entrance into Oz, and various ways they paralleled the Kansas sequences with bits of Oz. That was actually really well done.

The movie was paid for out of my latest honorarium check, which is actually really nice. Even a mediocre (to me) movie is better when it comes out of your “fun” account. I also bought a digital copy of the Hobbit on Amazon (which is already available, and may rewatch it tomorrow. And I picked up some good produce, butcher meat and cheese while I was in Manhattan, and still have about $25 to play with. I’m toying with the idea of getting a good Kindle book, perhaps something about Tolkien. Anyone out there have suggestions?

Also, got to see both Star Trek, Monsters Inc. 2, and Iron Man 3 trailers in 3D today. Star Trek was awesome, but too short. Iron Man 3 made me think this might actually be a movie I will look forward to. (The first two Iron Man flicks left me a bit cold.) And Monsters, Inc.? I love it, but the preview makes it look more Animal House and less that delightful 50s!corporate culture that made the original MI such a pleasure. That would be a shame because I really have been looking forward to this, but I will probably give it a chance. Being the Pixar fan I am. :-)

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