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Good news, and an offer of fic

I finally finished a first draft of my dissertation proposal yesterday. I need to track down some citations and edit a few sections, but I think I can finish that up tonight. And I’m ready for a break.

So, both to keep me motivated to completely finish it off and to give me something to look forward, I’d like to write some fic. BMEM is coming, so I’d like to make this non-Tolkien. But if anyone out there wants to tempt me, I’m amenable.

Your Name:



Do. Not. Want.:

For theme, I’ve found two types of themes inspiring in the past. Some people give me a character or two along with a short theme, like “Katniss and Prim, in the meadow.” Other times people have given me a quote, not a gapfiller from that particular fandom but something more generic and inspiring. For example, “When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”

On fandoms: my current schtick is The Hunger Games. I’ve written an almost criminally small amount of fic about Harry Potter (though I love the series) and Swordspoint (ditto). I’d also be happy to consider other things, too. Favorite TV shows at the moment are probably Law and Order, Star Trek: DS9, TNG, and VOY [I've only seen up through season 4 of TNG and 5 of VOY, but all of DS9 is fair game], Monk, The West Wing, and Psych. But really, if you’ve seen me discuss it it’s probably fair game. Except, of course, for Doctor Who. I love the humor but have never seen the show. (Shame, I know.)

Finally, I’d like to keep all the suggestions in one place, so please copy your comment over to LJ, where most of my fannish friends hide out. If you can’t comment there, you can comment here and I’ll copy it over for you, but it would help me if you could do that yourself, if you’re able.

Inspire me!

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