fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

help me find my own story

So I'm working through getting my old fanfic posted to my blog and I came across this story I wrote for B2MEM last year, about Maglor fater the search for Elured and Elurin. I'd given it the working title "But Have Not Love," though that's no guarantee I actually published it under that name. Or that I published it at all. In fact, the only reference I can find is to a version I emailed out to the Henneth_Annun and GFIC listservs.

Would someone who reads Silmarillion-based fanfic please skim it and let me know if I actually posted it anywhere public that you can find? Because it's unlike me to write a story, finish it and not post it. And I'd like to know whehter I slipped up in such a surprising way or not.

You can read the last edition I have on file in *.docx or *.pdf version. I'd really appreciate the help figuring out whatever happened with it. (Do be warned this is Kinslayers so expect PG13ish angst and violent imagery.)

This is bothering me, so if anyone recognizes it and can help me find this lost story, I'd appreciate it.
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