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blog maintenance

I'm posting old fanfic to my blog, sometimes with slight work at cleaning up points I've wanted to go back and fix but never got around to. This is all backdated to when the story was first shown up so I don't *think* you should see anything if you're just visiting the site, but if you do, don't get *too* excited - whatever's being posted is old stuff.

If you want to see my progress, check out the Fanfic link in the top-left corner, or the link below.

ETA: One thing that might have problems are the beta credits. I've worked with several over the years and really, really appreciate everyone's help. The problem is that I write a lot of shorter fic, and so it's a bit hard keeping track of who worked on each piece. I'm trying to track that down as best I can and in some places have made my best guess based on the date. I'll also be emailing the betas once I get the pieces posted to see if they can help me get everything right. But if you see a mistake please do let me know. And if you were my beta, please don't take offense. I'm working hard to make sure I credit the right people, but it's not all there yet.

You certainly won't see these posts here on LJ because I turned off the bit of the site that crossposts here. I was actually having a hard time with it, so I will be playing around with that as soon as I get the fanfic posted. It seemed to make sense to take advantage of the technical issue and get the fic posted before fixing it. What that means is that until I get it fixed, I'll also make a separate post here that I've added a new post, like I did with the sex ed piece. (Thanks for the comment, Dreamflower; I'll reply in a bit.) You're free to comment either at the blog or on the post announcing the post if you want to use LJ. Hopefully I'll have this sorted in a few days.

Case in point: Last night I shared a question raised by Tony Jones: if you're so disappointed with the Catholic church why not change denominations? I offered my own thoughts, but I'd love to know what other people think, particularly those who have been stuck in an organization they really didn't like but still chose to stay.
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