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Libby Anne asked what blogs people follow. She has a really good round-up of blogs and I’ve probably added half a dozen to my RSS reader just now. Check them out.

As for me, I read a surprisingly few number of actual blogs. I receive alerts on topics I follow from several international news sites (currently the Guardian and the English versions of Der Spiegel and Al Jazeera). I also tend to pick up print versions of The Economist and the National Review most weeks, and occasionally poke around at The New Atlantic or Slate when I have the time. And I, like every self-respecting liberal graduate student, follow Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and end up looking into the news stories they mention.

Beyond that, I have acquired a collection of blogs I follow regularly, mostly to do with religious news. At Patheos I regularly read Libby Anne (Love Joy Feminism) herself as well as Camels With Hammers and occasionally skim the larger atheist channel. I’m also great fans of Fred Clarke, Brian McLaren, Peter Enns, Timothy Dalrymple, Leah Libresco, the Velveteen Rabbi (love her! So uplifting and thought-provoking), and Rachel Held Evans. I also browse at Sojourners and ThinkChristian, where I also sometimes blog.

Outside the religion/atheism blogosphere, I do have some favorite columnists that I follow when I can. Nicholas Kristof, Ross Douthat, the Opinionator, the Guardian’s Ethics feature, and Hendrik Hertzberg, I also have Google alerts set up for Brad Hirschfield, Jim Wallis, and a few others.

As for entertainment I have several sites in my reader. More often than not they go unread for so long I just delete all the messages when they become too much. But my personal recommendations include PhD Comics, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Shit My Students Write, User Friendly, XKCD, Disapproving Rabbits, I Can Has Cheezburger, I Has a Hotdog, and Stuff Fundies Like. I’ve also gotten active on Pinterest where I follow what fannish stuff several people are sharing. Over at FaceBook, George Takei is a goldmine.

I also follow several friends’ LJs where they share their creativity, daily lives. But I’m sure some of you want to keep your blogs in “the family,” and since I’ll be sharing this link with mixed company, I’m a little hesitant to offer specific links, no matter how much fun and inspiration I get out of them.

Don’t get the wrong impression. I don’t read every item that comes through all of these sites. Usually I’ll whip out my cell phone and skim my RSS reader when I’m riding the bus or waiting somewhere and star the pieces I find particularly interesting for reading when I have the time. Or when I’m just in the mood to procrastinate. I am a graduate student and as much as I love the blogging schtick, this is strictly a side line.

Do check out these various sites and see if they’re for you. LJ members can use the syndication feature to read these blogs through El Jay, and anyone who’s interested in keeping a handle of what’s happening on different sites would do well to use an RSS reader like Google Reader. It’s like an email inbox where you get a message every time your favorite sites post new content.

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