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good things for a new day

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Yesterday I was a bit gloomy. Today I’d liked to be a little more positive. And some good things are happening.

1. The library agreed to buy a season of Star Trek: Voyager, so I can put it on reserve for my summer school class. Yep, you heard me right: I’m setting Star Trek episodes as part of our curriculum. Specifically Night, Nothing Human, and Latent Image. I’m very glad to get the access issues worked out so I can use them for case studies.

2. I had another post idea accepted by basically, whether Christianity encourages people to embrace a warrior mindset, be pacifists, or something in between. It’s inspired by an exchange of articles on this topic between Andrew Sullivan and David French last month. I’m actually interested what people think on this topic. Whether you’re Christian or not, what do you think of as the Christian or Biblical position on whether and how individuals should use violence. So if anyone wants to discuss it and maybe help me brainstorm for this post, I’m all ears.

3. My virtue epistemology prof encouraged me to join his ethics and epistemology workshop series. I was vaguely aware of it but hadn’t gotten around to getting involved, so this is a bit exciting for me. My first meeting is tonight, and we’re talking about animal rights. Should be interesting.

Of course, I haven’t actually left my apartment, so it could all go downhill, but for now I’m being positive.

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