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But baby, it’s cold outside!

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We’re having us a proper Nor’ Easter outside right now. (Can I use that word for New York?) Here in the Bronx it’s still passable to get around outside, but it’s getting bad enough that I wanted to go ahead and pick up the laundry. That also gave me an excuse to pick up Chinese takeout, since there’s just something about snow that screams out General Tso’s to me.

I also picked up eggs because I realized I’ll probably want to bake later. I have some white chocolate chips and frozen strawberries, so maybe I’ll make some valentine-ish oatmeal cookies later on. First things, though, I should put in at least an hour or two working on the proposal. Because if this storm keeps up, it’s going to make me want to cozy up with hot cocoa and either an old movie or something Star Trek-ish. My inner romantic is not to be gainsaid. Maybe I’ll throw together my weekly Pinterest a day early to give you guys something fun to laugh at. Or write one of the two blog posts on love and sex I have due. I’m fairly sure it won’t be about Anselm.

In the meantime, I’ve included a live cam behind the cut, put up by a local TV station showing the current view of Time Square. Where I am it’s a lot more snowy (that looks almost like rain). But it’s fun to watch knowing it’s not so far from me.

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