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FaceBook vs. LiveJournal

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This afternoon I went for my weekly brownie bite + Diet Coke at Applebees before hitting the library and going to my Aquinas class tonight, which meant I had some good time away from the internet to just relax and do some fun reading. And I discovered I still had a chapter or two to go on George Takei’s Oh My! I got a Kindle version of the book for Christmas and have really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it, but I want to dig a little deeper than a simple review.

I asked for Oh My! thinking it would be a nice bio of someone I loved both as a Trekkie and an avid fan of his FB page. It does that. It also shars some of his favorite comics and memes, many of which are at least as funny the second time around as they were the first. So from that angle alone it’s a worthwhile read. Also, back in the Prop 8 debates, I saw a lot of Mr. Takei and his husband Brad in the news, and I always admired the couple. You could tell they were very much in love, and Brad struck me as a very down-to-earth kind of guy. You see glimpses of all the work Brad does helping support George’s FB page, and what a good councillor he is for him. So it’s been nice learning a bit more about that aspect of his life. That in itself would have been worth the read.

But it turned out there was a really interesting bit I was only getting into. See, toward the end of the book Mr. Takei talks quite a bit about managing his internet identity and how FaceBook works. I have a little experience trying to communicate with the MEFAs, but for all the work I did with that group we never got into the whole Web 2.0 world. This was partly because the Tolkien fandom hit its heyday before Web 2.0 did, so a lot of our members were more comfortable on email distribution groups and blogs than we were in that brave new world. And up until close to the end there, I definitely fell in that category. In the last year or two of the MEFAs, though, I started paying more attention to things like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the rest. Anyone who’s organizing anything in the Tolkien fandom these days would do well to pay attention because the Hobbit movies are bringing in a lot of fans who grew up on 2.0.

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