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Many Happy Returns to Nessime

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A very happy birthday to edrys i.e. Nessime. I don’t know if she’s still around LiveJournal or fandom, but some of my earliest and best memories at HASA involve working with her as a Challenges Assistant. The sheer amount of work she put into that site’s resources section is mind-boggling. She was also a great friend and very supportive – I felt lucky to count her as my friend.

And, in a separate but still very much a sincere way, as an author whose works I liked to read. She’s probably best known for her Rohan stories, but somehow her sole Numenor fic (Every Good and Perfect Gift) was always my favorite. There’s just such a tender grace about this moment between Tar-Elendil and Silmarien. Like all of her stories it was painstakingly researched but never felt stilted – a rare gift.

Do give her a read and leave her a review, if you’re interested. In the best hobbit tradition, it will seem more like her gift to you than vice versa.

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