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Over at FB, Kem asked me what my life was like at 22.

Age I was given: 22
Dated: No one
Lived: Boone, NC
Worked: administrative assistant at Samaritan’s Purse
Feared: Pretty much everything. Twenty-two was not a good year – I had just been rocked by the death of someone not much older than me, was trying to collect my last few credits to finish up my BS, living at home with my parents and trying to find something resembling a career. So take your pick: mortality, perpetual dependence, etc. Not exactly a happy point in my life
Drove: the Appal-cart, the closest Boone had to public transportation. Mostly I walked.


Erulisse of the one L asked for five things I’m happy for, all beginning with the letter G. After thinking about my life at twenty-two I want a little escapism, so let’s keep this fannish.

1. Gavroche, the little boy in Les Miserables. There’s just something about his character that both breaks and melts my heart.

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