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update on the Owie

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It’s been a busy morning – first my school health center, then the hospital for an X-Ray. Diagnosis confirmed: I fractured my third metatarsal bone last night. Luckily it’s not a complete break and it’s in the middle of the foot which means I don’t need a full cast. I’ve been prescribed a week of as much bed-rest + elevation as I possibly can followed by stiff shoes and a special brace I wrap around the foot to keep it steady. I shouldn’t even need support, but the hospital did loan me a cane in case I needed it. After the week, the real concern won’t be weight-bearing so much as rolling my foot, so I’m going to have to cut out my old marching band habits and set the foot down solidly.

Could be much worse. For one thing I could be teaching. And for another, I have a roommate who’s already offered to pick up any food I need or other errands in our neighborhood. But it does really stink to be housebound. I’ll email my profs to let them know I’ll be missing the class I usually sit in on this week, and cancel therapy. On the other hand, this does give me an excellent way to actually get things done…

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