fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

I officially have an Owie with a capital O. I knocked a large can off the top cupboard shelf directly onto my foot. It hurts pretty constantly, but especially if I put any pressure on the metatarsals. I'm icing it and taking it easy, about to try to get some sleep. If it's not better tomorrow I'll try to find an emergency care clinic or something to get it checked out.

Which is, you know, painful. But also frustrating. I really was hoping to stay out of the ER for a while.

In other words, is there anyone who doesn't have a Kindle but wants one? I just got a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and would like to give the old one to a good home. Email me if you're interested. I'm not sure what version it is exactly, but it looks like the Kindle Keyboard 3G. I've lost the charger but you can buy a new one for about $10. (It just uses a micro USB cable plugged into a computer.) It's in decent condition for two years' use, if you just want to read books; it just didn't meet my needs anymore.
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