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I keep thinking I should be up in arms about this news story, but I can’t quite muster the outrage:

Basically a Catholic hospital is being sued because of some fetuses that died with the claim being they’re persons, and the Catholic hospital is fighting it. This seems the height of hypocrisy to some people, but I honestly don’t get it. I mean, if you have to accept unjust laws (what you think of as unjust, anyway) then you’re certainly entitled to make use of those same rules until you can correct them through the Democratic process. There’s also the fact that the folks saying the fetus isn’t a person under the law are the management company, not the RCC per se.

Still, on a surface level it doesn’t look very consistent. Or even very humane. I hope someone from the church reaches out to that poor man because whether it’s a person or not the man’s lost his wife and his future children. And if you really believe humanity begins at conception… well, I just hope there’s some pastoral care going on beyond the scenes we’re not seeing.

In other news, today was bitterly cold. I wasn’t wearing the right clothes for it. My slacks were too lightweight and my shoes too low-backed and my jacket pockets weren’t nearly good enough, and the day was just bone-achingly cold. I’d walk as quickly as I could from place to place, but if I waited outside for a bit, my hands started feeling painfully numb and stiff. Tomorrow I wear a proper coat and a sweater and socks that go pat the ankles because this situation was the defining feature of my day.

(I also have no proper heat, because

I did have a good moment in my virtue epistemology class discussing something called Gettier problems. Basically, the working definition for the longest time was that knowledge is true justified belief. Gettier’s problem was one of luck. What if someone has a good basis for supposing something is true and it turns out not to be true. Chisholm’s famous example: suppose you look across a field and see something you perceive as a sheep but it turns out to just be a rock. However, behind the rock there’s a sheep you didn’t see. So your belief turns out to be true and you seem to have been justified in thinking it was true. But most philosophers think this can’t be what we mean by knowledge, since you just got lucky – your justification for believing “There’s a sheep in the field” was true, wans’t actually what made it true. I got into a good discussion of what we mean by justification (Gettier’s problems seem to rely on a very shallow version of it for me). Sometimes I miss basic epistemology. Which this class isn’t, but the Gettier problem was a review of something I learned in a basic epistemology class in a galaxy far, far away.

I also taught a course for a friend today. He’s on a job interview, and I got to do what I affectionately call logic boot camp with his kiddos. It was a refreshing experience, though I feel out of shape in front of a class. I also got to play around with logical arguments built around fannish things, many of which the students didn’t fully get. Some of them did, though, and you could tell they were amused.

I’ve accomplished next to nothing professionally or even cleaning up my bedroom. I have been blogging a bit but need to ease off of that and focus on things that actually need doing. Unfortunately tomorrow is a Manhattan day revolving around therapy and maybe the Hobbit depending on how I feel afterward (if like last time I won’t be in the mood, plus I’ve hardly earned it). The depression has more or less cleared up and I have no health excuses not to be productive other than simply getting started being so *hard.* Maybe it’s depression; maybe it’s just me being lazy or preoccupied with other personal things. I don’t know that either, I guess. I do know I need to get more done and just knowing that doesn’t solve the problem, but nor does it make it go away… :-S

Oh, I’ve also been playing around a bit on Pinterest. The “Geekdom” board has some cool pictures and humor, most (but not all) of it Fannish. You don’t need an account to look, I don’t think. If you guys want to play around with the inspiring and funny pictures I’ve been collecting.

I guess I should sleep. I got maybe 4 hours last night and I’m at that point where I’m too tired to sleep, but I shall try. :-)

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