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Hobbit oscar nominations

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I’m curious what people think about the Hobbit Oscar nominations. They were only nominated for three awards:

  1. best production design</p>
  2. best visual effects
  3. best makeup/hairstyle

Do you think they were snubbed in other categories? Are there actors or other people you think should have gotten a nomination but didn’t?

While I liked parts of it quite a bit and liked it even more on seeing it a second time, I don’t think it was a great story. I wasn’t swept away by it the same way I was by Lord of the Rings. A lot of it was that I simply had a hard time letting go of the book as I remembered it, but it also was an uneven story: too many gratuitous chase scenes, too much infodump and not enough character development. Still, I think Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman both did admirable jobs, and Andy Serkis deserves something gold and shiny that won’t eat away at his soul for his work as Gollum. He was simply magical in that role.

What say ye? Who would you have nominated for an Oscar, even if you weren’t viewing the movie as a fan but as someone trying to judge it objectively?

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