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many happy returns to the maiden crowned with a radiant garland

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… also known as Altariel.

I had every intention of writing a substantive review of one of her many stories that I’ve really enjoyed but never got around to proper reviewing. Perhaps “The Fire Sermon” or “Death by Water.” Really, you can’t go wrong with most of her fic in the Best-loved Sons multiverse. Unfortunately, I’ve written 600 words for the latest paid blog post and another 300-400 on ye olde proposal, and my brain is officially clunking out on me. I won’t insult her work by writing the reaction I’d be able to manage right now. Hopefully I’ll do that in the next few days.

Except to say this: her Eliot!fic like the two stories mentioned above were a big part of what first drew me to Faramir and especially Denethor. While we don’t always agree on characterization, she’s a major reason why I am so drawn to that corner of Middle-earth, and why PJ wasn’t able to completely kill off my idea that Denethor was a basically decent human being and a competent ruler. Radical, I know.

I do want to wish Altariel a happy birthday. By now it’s probably over in the UK, but I’m sure it was a blast. I guess all that’s left is to hope tomorrow is even better.

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