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on Peter Jackson and adaptations

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Rachel Nuwer of the Smithsonian Magazine has a piece up about the new Hobbit movie. Particularly, Ms. Nuwer looks at some of the elements in the Jackson movie and traces them back to stories in Tolkien’s canon. If you know someone who saw the movies and asked who this Radagast is, who this Azog is, and wants to read a bit more of the context, this might be a decent starting place for them.

And of course I’m all for anything that gets Tolkien’s less well-known stories out there into the mainstream. Some of them are quite compelling, and I’ve always wanted to write more about the battle between Thror and Azog even before I saw the movie. It’s a really compelling moment in dwarvish history and to my knowledge no one’s really written about that. (Thundera, on the off-chance you’re reading this: *nudge* *nudge*)

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