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done dids for 26-Jan

I'm done being productive for the day, I think. I got through my reading list item for today, a chapter from the Cambridge Companion to Anselm that looks at what different philosophers meant by modality (essentially, possibility, but how to interpret that?). I don't feel like I really understood most of it. Only I did; I took notes and understood what I read, and got the distinction between the different views. But it doesn't seem "real" somehow. The significance or something hasn't quite sunk in. But I nave done what I can with it for now. Maybe if I sleep on it...

In other news, I taught Plato's epistemology today. The Divided Line, the Sun analogy, and I was set to talk about the Cave. We got sidetracked by a really interesting and useful discussion of why the Forms didn't come from experience. (They thought, like most people, that we get our ideas about the world from viewing one thing, and then another, and so on.) So we're a little behind, but that's okay. I'll trade timeline for genuine discussion any day of the week.

Did some practical stuff, too. My radiator was leaking steam and damaging the paint on my bedroom ceiling/wall. Which isn't too big a deal. It's always too warm anyway, and the rest of the apartment is still heated fine. But with all the wind I wanted to get a mini-electric heater in case I needed it, and found a dual cool/heated fan for $20 at the drug store. Also picked up frozen dinners and fresh fruit at the big grocery store while I was down at Fordham Plaza, and went to Applebee's for lunch. Had a chowder and half a grilled sandwich, and finished it off with a desert "shooter" (cheese cake + graham cracker crumbs. Dinner was not nearly as exciting: an egg sandwich, carrot sticks, and a tangerine.

Also: I got boots! I had apparently grown calf muscles over the summer because my old snow boots wouldn't zip up on one side. So I have been looking for new ones. But I wear *at least* an eleven in normal shoes and boots need to be bigger if I want to tuck my pants in. Combine that with the fact that I am a perpetual pedestrian and live on a fifth floor walk-up, so heels of any kind are really unrealistic. These don't have great traction, but other than that they look okay, and they're actually the most feminine-looking shoes I own. You can't tell from the pic so much, but the sole really is like a flat dress shoe, right down to the pointed toes. I was about to break down and buy guys' boots, when I found these in a thirteen. Score!

I've had two things in my mind most of the afternoon (which may explain my trouble following the Anselm article!). First, I got my elements for the February writing challenge over at GFIC, and am imagining a nice cousin story about Frodo and Merry. Perhaps Frodo remembering how a very young Merry comforted him after his parents' death. Doesn't seem like Valentine's Day faire, but I think it might be nice if I can get the timeline worked out in my head.

On less light notes (I know, my standards), I've also been thinking about abortion. When I think it is wrong, when it's okay, whether it's ever morally required. When I mentioned it in my earlier post it was a passing thought, and I was talking more about my frustration with the politics that go along with it than the moral status of abortions per se. But some comments people made have me thinking along those lines, and I may have to write another post on all that, if just to work it out of my system. Plus laying stuff like that down on paper is never a bad idea.

And that's it for me! I think I'll watch the Daily Show and go to bed.
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