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secularism, religion in the public square, and me

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Earlier this week, Dan Fincke wrote about a taxonomy of different types of atheists. This isn’t meant as an exclusive taxonomy; he says explicitly that he’s talking about “atheists who are, in one way or the other, on board with the atheist movement and ignore the various kinds of atheists who are uninterested in it or hostile to it.” It’a n interesting description, though, and does a good mob of forcing atheists to think about the different ways their atheism impacts how they interact with other people, particularly non-atheists. It’s worth reading if you’re interested in these things.

I’m obviously not an atheist and so I don’t really think I have the experience necessary to comment on these taxonomies. One thing did pique my interest, though. Dan’s first classification of atheism is the secular atheist, which Dan describes in this way:

Secularist Atheists are those very focused on the separation of church and state. […] They want a secular society. They do not want religiously derived laws, they do not want either science or science education to be hindered by religious meddling, they do not want public institutions to be used as vehicles for the promotion of religion (whether specific religions or religiosity in general). They want the government to be strictly neutral on religious questions and not to favor religious people over irreligious people or religious ideas over irreligious ideas.

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