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Christmas prezzies

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Here’s hoping everyone out there had a good Christmas.

For me it’s pretty low-key and in a good way. I received several good books and DVD’s, some new ones (Hunger Games + all three Batmans) and some old classics that I had somehow not seen yet (Blazing Saddles). The biggest and most squee-worthy gift was probably a new Kindle Fire, which not only handles books better but also shows music and videos and does a lot of other things you associate with a tablet. It’s sleek and appears to do what I need it to do very well. It also handles apps like I can on a cell phone, so I can do my Google reader news stories and listen to my Spotify when I’m connected to a wireless network. It looks like both a useful tool and a very useful toy.

I also made my first purchase on the new Kindle (which was quick, especially giving I’m swimming in gifts!). The new Kindle recommends books similar to the one you’re about to open, and on several of them it recommended George Takei’s Oh Myyyy! book. It looks to be a great read. And hey, it’s the holidays – I deserve a little bit of fun for surviving them. As do we all. ;-)

I thought I’d recommend some Christmas-related links for your hiding-away-from-the-family pleasures:

1. The Santa Lie: Is the Beig Christmas COn hurting Our Kids? [Melinda Moyer, Slate]
2. No, Christmas Is Not an Economically Efficient Holiday (And That’s Okay) [Derek Thompson, Atlantic]
3. A Buddhist’s Wishes on Christmas Day [James Fallows, Atlantic]

How’d you all fare? Any noteworthy gifts, hobbitish or otherwise? And on a less material note, I do hope you have a simply splendiferous day. *blows kisses*

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