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fiscal cliff thoughts

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I have to admit I’ve been paying so much attention to the gun control/mental health safety net debates that I haven’t really been keeping up on the fiscal cliff thing. So I don’t know the specifics, how close the Dems/GOP are to a deal, or anything of the sort. And my impressions may be completely off here.

That said, the general impression I’ve gotten is this: Dems want to raise taxes on the super-wealthy and prevent doing this to everyone else (which is effectively the middle class since the poor don’t earn enough that this would matter for them). In exchange for this the GOP wants to slash government programs which seem to benefit the poor more than anyone. Basically we want to demand more of the upper class while maintaining the status quo of the middle class, and are willing to sacrifice the lower class to do it.

This is not a new problem in American politics, but it seems both sides are particularly brazen about this goal with the fiscal cliff. I’ve been a bit shocked by how many of my fellow Christians seem more or less okay with this. I mean, I think everyone should be outraged (if not particularly surprised), and I get that wanting to alter government’s role in helping the poor isn’t the same thing as saying “just ignore the least of these, their needs don’t matter. But the way we talk about the fiscal cliff as if preserving the best results for the middle class strikes me as distinctly un-Christian. And distinctly immoral, but that’s a different conversation.

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