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in which chivalry lives

Originally published at Faith Seeking Understanding. You can comment here or there.

… even in my home town (New Yawk City!?!), apparently.

I was coming home from a weekend in Massachusetts so had been on a bus for 4-5 hours already, and once I got into NYC I found out the subway that would connect up with a bus that shot right by my apartment. No biggie; I got off the subway at my school and decided to grab the van between campuses home, then walk the normal trip to my apartment a short ways off campus. Why I opted for the Ram Van rather than an alternate subway line can only be attributed to mental exhaustion. I love the trip on the bus but for some reason it also wears me out.

Anyway, the Ram van would have been fine except it was raining quite badly, I had luggage from a weekend away, and because my bag is a duffle bag with sleeves like a backpack it’s hard to wear it and a coat at the same time. Rafe, a delivery man at a sandwich shop I go to regularly, saw me and offered me a ride home. I knew him well enough I felt safe getting into his car (especially since he was on a delivery so would be missed if he didn’t go right back, but not so much I’d expect a ride.

It’s a little thing, yeah, but it did kind of reaffirm my faith in human goodness a little. So this song from simpler days is for all the Rafes out there who make the world a bit better for their neighbors and strangers in need:


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Dec. 10th, 2012 05:01 am (UTC)
Yay for random acts of kindness!

And that vid is adorable! My mom used to sing that, and when I was little I thought it was a song she had just made up. I was probably ten or eleven before I found out it was a real song and that the words actually meant something!
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