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It’s becoming a bit of a tradition that I post this song on this blog in the lead-up to the Christmas holidays. Enjoy.

Holiday tradition #2 is me asking for addresses so I can send out Christmas (or general holiday, if I remember) cards. I always have high hopes of actually sending them out; last year they got left on my dining table when I left on holiday, and I never mailed them because it was January before I got back. But I really enjoy writing out notes to my friends, and then replenishing my supply of cards in January. So if I don’t have your address and you trust me with it, I’d really love it so I can send you a card. Or at least thinking about sending you a card. But I will do my best this year to make that possibility an actual. At a minimum you’ll be doing me a favor because you’ll give me the gift of thinking about doing something nice for you.

So I’m going to list the addresses of people I have addresses of. If you’re not on the list, please drop me a line at mlaytonATfordhamDOTedu. If you’ve moved in the last three years, it’s probably best to drop me a line as well so I can be sure I have the current address. Do not simply comment here, as I’m not screening the comments on this post.

Fandom Friends: Aervir; Agape4Gondor; Allie Meril; Altariel; Branwyn (lord + lady); Celandine B.; Dawn of the Felagunds; Doc Bushwell/pandemonium_213; Foul Dwimmer_laik; GamgeeFest; Gwynnyd; Jelazakazone; just_ann_now; Juno; Kathie; Kaylee Arafinwiel; Linaewen; Linda Hoyland; Nath; Oshun; Radbooks; Rhapsody + Co.; Ribby; roh_wyn; Ruby Nye; Tanaqui; Thevina

CTF-ers: Alice; Chris D.; Edwise; Ellen of the Dalfs (the Other White Wizard); Jusy; Kevin; Lee of the Beards; Lee Ann (but not of the Beards); Lindy; Lisa; Mary; Michelle; Paula; Sandy; Tammy C.; Toni

School Friends: Dwight + Martha; Elsie; Gwen; Hal + Becky; Hall; Jim + Nancy; John; Julia + Jared; Karen; Katie + Pat; Linda + Wendell; Martha Ann; Mary + Tom; Mary Lou + Greg; Mike + Sheila; Steven

All of which makes me feel thoroughly popular, at least in internet-land; but there’s always room for more people. If you trust me with your address and would like a card just email me at mlaytonATfordhamDOTedu. Ditto if you just want to check I have the right address.

On a different topic, what are you planning to do in December? Fellow Christians, I’m particularly interested in what you’re doing for Advent (Weekly gifts? Special readings? Lighting candles? etc.) but only because I’m always open for pointers. Specifically on readings – I’d like to be reading something special but don’t have anything planned. Really, I’d love to hear a bit about everyone’s plans because I’m interested.

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