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Call me Maybe, military version

Originally published at Faith Seeking Understanding. You can comment here or there.

This is actually kind of awesome. (Warnings for PG13ish nudity)

A bunch of US Troops got together and remade a video done by the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, which was itself a kind of music video to “Call Me Maybe.” In the original you have a bunch of professional cheerleaders in bikinis, shaking their pompoms and a good deal more to the tune of a song that’s strangely addictive, but more than that just girly. If there’s anything that screams out high school cool kids’ table (of the female variety), this is it.

And then you get to the troops. They’re as scantily dressed as the as the cheerleaders and, regarding some of their poses, I can only say thank goodness we don’t have DADT anymore. They’re hilarious, and show some strong men who have no qualms about having to act “masculine” – I got the sense of being so sure of yourself there was nothing left to prove. But this is also the kind of thing that probably could heave earned a long hard look by a review board.

Somewhere, someone working on a gender studies dissertaion may have just gotten fodder for a chapter or two. But for me, it’s really just delightfully fun. My one qualm is that it’s too silly for the armed forces, and I could see how some people would be uncomfortable on those grounds. Still, I can’t help cracking up. It’s just such a perfect pastiche of a truly ridiculous song + video.

The original Dolphins version is here:

Now I’m off to bake. See you guys tonight.


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Nov. 22nd, 2012 11:42 pm (UTC)
This is made of awesome. My first thought was that I wonder how many propositions these guys have gotten since this video was posted, and my second thought was that I hope their CO doesn't see it! XD
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