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Turkey Day Thankfulness

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I promise, no deep thoughts. Just some fun.

First, a holiday wouldn’t be complete without a fannish moment. I swear, one of these days I’ll actually write West Wing fanfic. As several people on FB can attest to, this is the salve that calms my politics-induced wounds more often than not. But it’s not just the politics, it’s the character moments too.

Also, various things to be thankful (taken from FB posts today):

Reason #1 to be thankful: Middle-earth giftage.

Someone out there bought me a rental on all three LOTR extended films, to watch online through Amazon. I don’t know who – it came from an email address I don’t recognize, but the context makes me think it was someone either on LJ or FB who knows my thanksgiving plans. (This doesn’t feel crepy or like a scam, though it sounds like it when I put it that way.) I lost my EE DVD’s in a move, and only have theatrical versions.

Really, this is just to say a huge THANK YOU to whomever did this, without pressuring you to reveal yourself. The thought of ten hours back in Middle-earth is good enough on its own. The fact that someone bought me the ticket without even wanting a thank you makes it even more special.

Reason #2 to be thankful: my cell phone was found.

One more thing to be thankful for: the cell phone I left at one of three neighborhood shops (pharmacy, grocery, laundry) I stopped by this afternoon has been found and is waiting for me to pick up tomorrow morning. Thank you, Mt. Carmel Pharmacy!

And finally, my plans for tomorrow involve much cooking, though not for myself:

I’m beginning to wonder how I got myself into this. On Thursday I’ll be helping to prepare not one but two Thanksgiving meals – one at a domestic violence shelter (for parents trying to leave abusive relationships + their kids) and one for homeless or neighborhood families who can’t afford the meal. I’m not *planning* either meal, just doing whatever I’m directed to do. But even so, helping out with one meal is usually draining enough.

On the last item, if I eat anything it will be at the second meal, where the fixings promise to be less extravagant. Since I’m doing the food stamp challenge this week, I’m not comfortable eating a meal I couldn’t afford on food stamps (or that would be otherwise open to me).

Hope everyone else has a simply splendiferous day tomorrow.

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