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music to sleep by

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If anyone out there, like me, can’t quite get to sleep please enjoy some Chet Atkins:

It’s strangely beautiful and relaxing. This song has a special place in my heart because it was the first “real” song (i.e. not a dumbed-down version written for learners) I really mastered on the piano. I think I like it better on the guitar, though.

I’m trying to imagine where this kind of music might be heard in Middle-earth. Somehow I can most easily imagine it in Dol Amroth. “My” Faramir plays a lute and I can imagine him sitting up around this time of the night (2 AM) and gazing at the stars, absent-mindedly playing something like this in a very low-key moment. Or maybe in Rivendell, where the Twins would hound Lindir for a song like this until they got it.

What about you? What kind of music do you associate with your favorite Middle-earth place? Inquiring minds and all that.

Ooh, and as an extra bonus, Spotify threw up this Chet Atkins song after the Entertainer. Fans of “Mad About You” may get why it had me smiling.

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