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another TC post idea accepted

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I shopped another idea with ThinkChristian and they accepted it. I’ll be writing about my yearly practice of taking the Food Stamp challenge, where you only eat food you could afford to buy on food stamps.

I do it the full week before Thanksgiving, partly because it makes me more thankful but also because I need the yearly reminder of just how draining it can be to have to make those hard choices and not have access to fresh veggies. I get to stop at the end of the week, and I won’t pretend I know what it’s like to deal with that long-term. But the little bit of empathy I get is important. So I’ll be writing about the importance of that.

Btw, thanks to everyone who comment on my Bilbo piece at LJ or at the ThinkChristian site. I’m sorry some of you had technical difficulties, but I really appreciated the effort.

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