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surviving Sandy

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In case you’re wondering: the storm seems to have passed through. I’t s a gloomy day, but no rain or significant wind. We didn’t really lose power, which was such a good thing – I go a bit crazy without that connection to the world (to say nothing of Amazon videos. :-D ) Cell coverage is a bit spotty, the whole neighborhood is waterlogged, but really we weathered the storm pretty well here.

Public transit, though, is a first-class mess. This is an inconvenience for me but a major problem for many who rely on the buses + trains to get to work. (I can walk pretty much anywhere I need to go.) And of course people are without power all over here. Five people in my city are dead, and I’m sure the situation is worse outside NYC if only because of the scale. This is to say nothing of the damage to property, which is of course substantia.

This whole thing has me thinking about Katrina. I wasn’t affected by it directly but I worked with a nonprofit helping with the clean-up, and I remember the pictures I saw. It’s actully giving me nightmares, though that’s not exactly a new problem. I’ve been relatively lucky with natural disasters and compared to what some people are dealing with right now I should be thankful for the luxury to be upset by memories (as opposed to my reality). Still, things like this have me feeling very small and insignificant. I’m sure there’s some deeper meaning to all this, but I can’t quite see it.

I do hope everyone’s safe and sound, and that their houses are either well insured or escaped the worst damage.

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