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Stephen Colbert on Mitt Romney

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Colbert has an (out-of-character) interview done by NPR. It’s really very interesting:

What really interested me was this description of his attempts to parody Mitt Romney. This was just before the Denver debate:

“I’m hoping Mitt Romney can get his act together in this debate because as a conservative pundit, or rather, playing a conserve pundit … it’s so difficult for me right now to get behind Mitt Romney. It’s incredibly frustrating as a performer who has to model behavior that is so schizophrenic and bifurcated, because it’s almost an unprecedented candidacy — as far as I can tell. No one seems to like him — even the people who are behind him. There isn’t a sort of monolithic point of view to base my own satire on.


“You get a feeling that everybody of the sort that I’m modeling really has one foot out of the boat right now, and I really I hope Mitt — I mean listen, I have my own political views, but as a performer I hope he does something positive tonight so that there’s something for me to rally behind, because that’s what my character wants to do. … He wants to have a candidate that he can champion, and that just doesn’t exist in Mitt Romney right now. He’s just a walking wound.”

So if I’m reading this right, Colbert is saying that as a performer, in order to talk about Romney and it actually be funny he needs some sort of sense of who Romney is. But Romney simply has no center to react to, there’s not really a candidate he can get behind (as a faux-conservative pundit should) both because Romney has no center and also because the people voting for Romney aren’t really voting for Romney.

All of which strikes me as pretty hilarious. Unintentionally, perhaps, but LOL-worthy nonetheless.

Read the whole interview – it’s very interesting.

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