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blustery nights

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The storm is ticking up a bit here in NYC, but it’s not nearly so bad as what you see on V in my neighborhood. The electricity is still on, and any sirens are distant and far between. I’ve also taken a shower so while the water wasn’t as hot as I’d like I won’t have grimy hair for three days if something goes wrong with that.

All in all: it could be worse. For many people, it is worse. Thanks for everyone concerned about me here and on FB. I appreciate the thoughts; though really, I’m not the one most in need of them right now.

In honor of the weather:

Want to kill more time? FB has the whole blustery day feature up, albeit not of very good quality:

  • Pt I:</p>
  • Pt II:
  • Pt III:

I think I’m going to make toast and cocoa, then turn on some jazz and work on my TC piece. Nice atmosphere for it!

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