fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

what will your November 7 look like?

The American election is just under two weeks from now. And it has me thinking: Say your candidate wins; how will this change your life on November 7 and the months to come? Or conversely, if the other guy wins, how will that change your life?

It’s one thing to say Romney will kill Obamacare or Obama will drive up the debt. And in the long term I think there are big effects at risk here. But when it comes to my individual life, I’m having a hard time working out what would change. So it may be worth dialing back the rhetoric a bit and thinking about it. How will the upcoming election change your life on November 7 and beyond?

ETA, because it’s truly LOL-worthy. Some clever internet person has taken the third presidential debate and put it to song. Somehow it never gets old.

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