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SED #12: adventures in WordPress-ing

I’ve spent a good part of today playing around on WordPress. A lot of it is still quite a diamond in the rough (assuming there’s a diamond that’s uncovered in the long run!), but I at least have the bare bones of the new site set up (with Aranel’s help):

  • Aranel set me up a URL:
  • I’ve imported all of the old blog posts and comments from the old LJ site (and deleted the non-public posts that got copied over somehow).
  • I’ve installed a plugin that automatically copies my post into the old LJ blog. So you can still read and comment there.
  • I’ve set up the Akismet spam plugin for the WP blog. This does a good job of cutting down spam comments.
  • I’ve set up a commenting system that allows people to use WordPress/Facebook/Twitter accounts when commenting at the new WP blog. You can also type in your name and email to comment here, or can still comment over at LJ.

Over the next few days I’ll be adding more content on the pages other than the blog at WP. At a minimum I’ll be posting links to my fanfic and my character biographies. If there’s anything else you’d like to see me talk about in particular do let me know.

There are worse ways to spend a day than playing around with this stuff. So far it’s remarkably stress-free. Here’s hoping that pattern holds!

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