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SED #11: this blog + wordpress

Thanks to everyone who's commented here on the technical aspects of moving this blog to WordPress, and the more personal issues as well. :-) I think you all are great, but you all knew that already I hope.

I've been talking to Aranel Took, and she's offered to give me some space on her website, . (Do check it out - she has some cool fandom members' blogs there.) The good thing about this setup is it allows me to use the WordPress code without having to use the WordPress site. juno_magic has a similar setup. This means that all of her actual blog posts come through on LJ, and people can comment on them without going to some other site or needing a special account or anything. She has some things available just at the website, like permanent links to her stories and icons. But as for the blog itself, those posts still come through here.

I'm going to try to do something similar, so you'll be able to comment over here at LJ or over at my blog on Aranel's site. That may not work and I may have to tweak it a bit. But I'll try to take it slow - maybe if I make a major change, give it a one-week trial and then ask folks how it's working out for them. So bear with me as I work out how to manage things so they work best for me and for you guys as well. But I'll try my best to make sure you can read + comment here at LJ, and I'll think long and hard before doing anything that makes it harder to do that.

Btw, I think this can count as my SED today. It's just a relief to have a starting place with the blogging.
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