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SED #8: Apparently there *is* disputing about tastes

Hume, in his essay on appreciating art, quotes a famous Latin proverb: De gustibus non est disputandum. Translated loosely it means that when it comes to matters of taste, there can't be any disputing - saying "Mona Lisa is beautiful" or "Dogs Playing Poker isn't beautiful, that's not really the kind of thing you can be right or wrong about. It's all just preference.

I'm here to say: Nuh-uh. At least not with bodily taste.

There's a restaurant a few blocks from my school's Manhattan campus that just opened up after a remodel. They had a sign in the window saying they gave a discount to students so I stopped in. Right move, definitely. I had linguini carbonara (whole wheat linguini, cream sauce, Romano cheese, lots of bacon, chickpeas, and sauteed onions), some wonderfully light ciabatta bread, a salad and a proper soda for what would have been $14 off the menu. Between the discount and the tip it worked out to about that amount. You can't beat that meal price in Manhattan, certainly not for this quality of food and service. I couldn't eat most of the salad because I'm allergic to lettuce, but even so I enjoyed some yummy Roma tomatoes and cucumbers.

I love decent food when it feels like I'm not breaking the bank to get it, presented in a relaxing low-key environment. So yeah. It rocked.

Also, because the Lehrer reference cracked me up:

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