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SED #... 7? Mischief Managed

I got behind on the posting something every day that made me happy meme. I've been depressed and worn out, and the election has me thinking Deep Thoughts (TM). I'd like to get back into the swing of things, though. And since there's nothing wrong with stretching out the happiness beyond thirty-five calendar days, I thought I'd pick up where I left off.

I picked up laundry today and did grocery shopping. That means I have clean underwear, lime-flavored sugar wafers (I live in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood; we even have them in mango) and pretzel-bread hot pockets. There's something delightfully toasty about toasting pretzel-bread knowing there's turkey, cheddar and bacon melting together inside. I do know it's bad for you, even the lean variety, but I also think for $4 I'm allowed this particular guilty pleasure. :-) I'll probably top it off with a sliced apple and some ice-cold bottled water I picked up from the convenience store earlier but never drank, and I'll have myself a proper late-night feast. :-)

Even more significantly: mischief managed on the French exam. As far as my department is concerned I've now proved I can work in two languages other than English, in my case French and Latin. This meant translating a philosophical text from that language into English with only a dictionary, and then having a professor in the department sign off that it was sufficient. I'm more than a bit astounded they passed me, to be honest, because I really did not feel ready; it took me the full two hours to do maybe two pages, and the English sentences were often quite awkward. But they did. I was also exempted from my logic course since I did quite a bit of coursework there as an M.A., and I've been done with my formal coursework her for some time now.

That means it's just the dissertation proposal and the actual dissertation, and then I'm done! I say that like it's no big thing, which it definitely is. But it also means ther's no more distractions - just me and Anselm. (Okay, one; I'm teaching myself Arabic so I can read Maimonides in the original, not for the dissertation but for later research. But that's not a formal requirement.

Also, as an extra bit of awesomeness, check out this video of Oskar the Blind Cat using his wonderful sense of hearing to romp it up.

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