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voting shenanigans

I'm a bit disappointed. I found out today that students can vote in their parents' home state rather than their current ballot, and I was going to switch my registration from NY to NC. Oddly enough, I probably follow the local politics there more closely than I do here in NY.

There are a couple of attractions toward this plan. Off the top of my head...

1. I'm a liberal so they'll find WMDs in Baghdad before my vote for a presidential candidate will amount to anything here. NC is a swing state. The fact that I'm an undecided (though not the low-info variety) voter would make me that rarest and most valued of all political birds. :-)

2. I could do an absentee ballot in NC; in NY that's only allowed if you have a reason why you can't make it to the polls. That means no lines, no trying to get there, all of that.

3. I like talking politics with people I know from growing up. I think it would feel more authentic if we actually voted in the same election.

Of course, as it turns out I missed the deadline. But it has me thinking. I already am registered in NY and would be switching my registration to NC. I'm also be voting by absentee ballot. How easy would it be to vote twice? It strikes me if there's any real risk of voting fraud, it's from stunts like that. Not that I'd do that, but does anyone know if this is the kind of thing the current system of voter registration would actually catch? I suspect not, given the inefficiency of bureaucracy and the way each state runs its own registration. But I could be wrong.
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