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SED #3: Remembering That I've Forgotten

It was early evening and I hadn't thought about being thankful for things all day long. I'm a bit stressed out and busy because of tomorrow's language exam, and I'm also feeling a bit depressed for reasons too complicated to go into. The upshot being, if I wasn't looking for things to be happy about I probably wouldn't find them.

I had to run over to campus for a follow-up on the head-cold which finally seems to be working its way out of my system (see! that's the kind of thing I really should be noticing without needing prompting!), and I saw this delivery truck:

So what I'm happy about today is seeing the name of the meme in RL, to remind me to be on the lookout for something to post about. How's that for meta? ;-) (The meme's name means "something every day", by the way.)

Also: while I was in the mood of looking for things making me happy, I snapped two shots of simple beauty on my walk home.

A building just off campus, with some Catholic religious art. This is a Jesuit school in Little Italy, so that makes sense. It always makes me smile because I love madonnas but also because the open arms seems so welcoming. I remember seeing this when I first came into the neighborhood and was always getting lost; it was reassuring somehow.

And another apartment building. This is on my street, maybe halfway on the walk to campus. The two lions always reminded me of the iconic statues at the 42nd street library. Ironically I've not had cause to go there since I moved to NYC four years ago. But I spent a long time in the stacks when I visited NYC one Thanksgiving as an undergrad, on a school trip. Just seeing these lions in my neighborhood always makes me smile at the memory.

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