fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

the camera loves you, baby

Here's hoping!

I've been into photography lately. Not real photography, picture-taking as an artform. But sharing the things I see? Definitely. And I want better photo quality than my cameraphone can manage. This is not a new problem with the iPhone 4 (my model), and actually it's marginally better than the Droid I had before. But I've been doing enough of it that I wanted better equipment. People who know my neighborhood may think I'm crazy, but our corner of the Bronx actually is kind of beautiful.

So, I bought a new toy:

(Click the photo to go to the Amazon page.)

It's the latest generation of a camera Sulriel recommended over at FB. The reviews look good, both on Amazon and at techie sites. Amazon has a decent return policy so if I don't tlike it I should be able to get a refund. And it's on sale. I was planning on poking around for a few days or at least ask for more opinions, but with all that going in its favor, I decided to take the leap.
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