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SED #1: how the other half lives

Someone (Juno?) is posting about something that's making her happy every day, for one month. It could be a little thing or a big thing. It's a good practice, and I honestly don't know how well I'll keep it up but I wanted to at least try.

As I mentioned earlier, my bathroom is a work-in-progress right now. We have a toilet, and of course we have a kitchen sink, but the rest of it is inoperable. It's much better than it was, and once the tiles have had a chance to set it will be done. But as a weekend got in the middle of the multi-day project, that means our shower is inoperable until the workers come back and put sealant on, come Monday. (Or Tuesday? I'm not sure if they'll be here on a bank holiday.) Wednesday night I took a shower by luck, not realizing the workers would be coming. It was late Thursday night before I realized I'd have to skip a second day since for some reason I really thought it was a one-day project. But yesterday I asked the super's wife what we should do about showers, and she said she'd give us keys to a vacant apartment on the other side of the building, provided we got them from her whenever we were done, cleaned up after ourselves, etc.

Feeling freshly showered again is nice, but somehow doing it in an empty apartment is doubly nice. There's something fresh and clean about the smell of paint and all that empty space - like being in a hotel room without your normal clutter. So, pictures.

1. This apartment looked out the back courtyard, where there are trees, and a clothes-line someone strung up. Strangely peaceful.

2. A rare sighting of the Marticus camerashyicus, reflected in the bathroom mirror post-shower. That's supposed to be a smile, though between a reflection and the cameraphone it looks more like a grimmace.

3. The chart showing what materials are recyclable and which should be thrown out like trash. Ours slid off and got kicked far behind the fridge years ago.

4. The view up the stairs back to my apartment. Their stairwell looks over the back of the bakery next door (mmmm, eclairs) whereas we have the kids' daycare center. I make cookies for the workers there sometimes, because I like baking but I am diabetic so should not have too many sweets in the house. This is NY, Bronx or no, so space is at a premium. The kids' outdoor play areas is on a set of tiered rooftops, and they have some very nice, colorful murals. Not nearly as nice as that back courtyard out your bedroom window, but it's something.

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