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Pixar goodness

(I typed this last night but for some reason didn't actually post it.)

Reason #213 why I love Pixar: Carl Fredricksen.

Remember him? He was the old man in Up, who floats his house to Paradise Falls using helium balloons.

Along the way he seems to acquire a thoroughly rag-tug group of companions: the boyscout Russell, and of course Kevin. There's really no easy way to describe Kevin, he's just so... Kevinish, really.

Carl is old, with all that implies - bowties, creaky bones, grumpiness, the works. And even without that, he was always extremely ordinary, not very exciting at all. But he has a spark of adventure in him, and his wife (recently dead) inspires him to go beyond his comfort zone. A truly absurd romp, but one with a lot of heart. I think it's because he's so delightfully ordinary that he amuses me so much.

I was craving some Monsters, Inc. music earlier tonight and stumbled across some Up music as well, and it reminded me how much I love the movie, but in particular Carl and the way he shows life goes on even when it seems too hard to be allowed. But rather than just stay in his house, he keeps meeting life step for step - and not because it's easy, but rather just because it's what you do. Reminds me of a few people I really respect, actually.

I think I'll be sleeping with my stuffed Kevin doll tonight. Love those guys!
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