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the wonders of apartment-life

A few weeks back my roomie and I noticed that the wall in our shower wasn't doing so hot - for whatever reason a hole was developing and the grist in the wall's interior was falling out. It's an old apartment and a moist area - probably just needed repairs. I had forgotten about it until A. told me last night the repairmen would be coming by. They'd initially said they'd need us around for three consecutive days or a key left with the super, but I thought that was for scheduling or something.

I woke up after sleeping in to hear people working hard in our bathroom. A whole team of them from the sounds of it. And they're not done; the hall and bathroom is covered in a thin level of dust. At the moment the bathroom only has a functional toilet. You can see some low-quality pictures of our bathroom and piles of sinks and stuff throughout the apartment at the following links: (Apologies for the low quality; I didn't realize how bad the lighting was.

The amazing thing is I did not have to plan this. I did not have to shop for repairmen or pay for it myself. And while I'm fully aware that in worse buildings getting something fixed can be a real headache, this struck me as such a low-stress way of handling necessary repairs. Would that other parts of life could be organized this smoothly!
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