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Meyers-Briggs results

Over at LJ, someone posted a picture of various animals + Meyers-Briggs personality types:

Besides being cute, it got me thinking about the Meyers-Briggs personalities. I didn't even know the name until I looked into it. Or at least I didn't connect the name to the four-letter labels people throw out. So I looked at some descriptions of Meyers-Briggs, and I took an online quiz. My results:

  • Introverted (89%/11%)
  • iNtuitive (73%/27%)
  • Thinking (90%/10%)
  • Judging (55%/45%)

The bigger the divide, the more heavily I fall into each category. I think a lot of this makes sense. While I am definitely rational (former math major and current analytic philosopher here), I obviously also comfortable with a certain degree of uncertainty. Or at least I see the uncertainty and am uncomfortable denying it. As for the judging/perceiving bit... I think on different days, in different contexts, I could easily be a P. This is probably because I am preparing for a language exam these days so I am thinking very much in terms of processes - do 'x' amount of fun stuff means review 'y' pages of the French book or translate 'z' amount of some text. Also the lack of external structure (no teaching) means I'm hyper-aware of all the things I have to do so I don't just waste the day away. If I do that or think I do that, it feels like I'm being self-indulgent. All of which says while I'm probably a "P" a lot of the time, lately I've been more aware of my "J" side.

I'm curious. Do these results surprise you? You guys know me. Would you have pegged me differently? (For an overview of Meyers-Briggs characteristics, see this checklist.)

Also, what type are you, and did that surprise you?
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