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#1. This post is mainly to show off my new icon. LJ insisted on cropping it even more than FB did but I'm thinking it's, well, iconic enough that people can figure it out.

#2. LiveJournal sent me a notice saying that arandil13's birthday is today. For some reason when I got the notice I read it as being Aranel Took's and thought that I really should send her a note or a drabble or some such thing. She was my MEFA partner in crime for too many years, and thinking of her made me realize how lucky I was to have her as a friend for so long. I'll probably drop her a note at some point, but I just want to say publicly: I really appreciate the way she kept me sane and worked so hard to make that website happen, both as a MEFA participant and as a friend who was glad to have her help.

#3. L'Shannah Tova to all my Jewish friends. I think I'm going to make toast with apple butter for breakfast in honor of the day. I'll also probably be doing my normal self-evaluation looking for where I might need atonement over this next week, so you guys may get a week out of this. It's always struck me as odd (but beautiful and serendipitous in its own way), just how meaningful I find the Jewish holidays. Maybe it's the noncommercial aspects or the fact that they are different from what my family and friends do (and so the day's symbolism is uniquely mine), but I've always found this particular week deeply significant. It's the best parts of the secular New Year, with added fodder for deep thoughts and less boozing. So a L'Shannah Tova to me as well, I guess. :-)

#4. Yesterday I mentioned that it was Dawn Felagund's birthday. But a lot of people on FB were acting like it's also Linda Hoyland's - unless I have you confused with someone else? I feel bad that I mentioned Dawn specifically but not you. This is why I typically don't mention birthdays, because I always leave people off. Assuming I'm right, I hope you had a good day too!

#5. Ellen Kushner (the Swordspoint author) is running a fanart thing, basically design a mock-cover for the new audiobook, The Point of the Sword. There's so much good fun in these covers, both high art and just fangirls (and -boys?) being fannish. But it's the intro that truly got my attention:

Lace! Leather! Silk and steel!

And, of course, Girls with Swords.

... because wouldn't "Lace and Leather, Silk and Steel" make the perfect title for a drabble series focusing the four main couples of Gondor, at least in my 'verse? Aragorn and Arwen, Denethor and Finduilas, Boromir and Theodred, Faramir and Eowyn. At the risk of stealing the lovely Ellen's title for something thoroughly non-Swordspointy, I'm tempted. Tried to deflect this particular nuzgul on just_ann_now, but it's thoroughly backfired and I think I'm going to have to write the thing. If only so I can write more scenes like this one (slightly edited since it's several years old):

[Theodred] knew he was free to pursue whomever his heart desired, so long as they welcomed the pursuit. Stable-boys were no more out of bounds than were kitchen-maids, but he had been warned (and, truthfully, would have known without the warning) that lords' sons were different. Even with the high-born Sons of Eorl. To offend the son was to insult the father, and Théodred knew that was too high a price for pleasure, however sublime. How much more so with outlanders? And for those Stone-eaters, those Gondorians, who clung to their propriety above all else? To approach Denethor's son, to approach this Boromir of Gondor - wars had begun over less.

So he told himself – so he reminded himself over and again, whenever those dark eyes laid claim to his. He could not quite help it: the well-weathered skin framed by rich velvet, the plait of black hair that he was sure would feel as silk to his fingers. And he could not look away. He would blame his height (if blame be warranted; he could not quite decide on that point), for he stood head-and-shoulders above most of his countrymen. He had always thought it a gift, his birthright from his Gondorian grandmother, and had prized the natural air of lordship it gave him. But now, just now he longed to be at eye's level with Elfhelm, or Hàma, or anyone, really, besides Boromir of Gondor. It was entirely too easy to look across a sea of golden heads, to those eyes that spoke of passion shrouded in mystery.

There's just something about the sensuality of fabrics and first meetings. Who am I to say no?

#6. Yesterday, I posted a list of parallels between the Hunger Games and various ethical theories. It has spoilers for tthe later books since I'm reading them, but not for the movies since I'm not really following that news. Anyway, I thought people might be interested in a fairly spoiler-free version, so I copied that list into a Word file and blacked out the details that are specific plot points from later books. I may have missed some, but I tried to not give anything away. (I also didn't black out later discussions of events from the first book, like Katnis's analysis of the incident with the berries that occurs at the beginning of Book Two.) So if you're interested, feel free to read the list screened for spoilers here.

Think that's it for now!
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