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I am quite literally a child of the eighties. I have fondness for all things Care Bears, and I grew up with TGIF Friday night television being a major event. (Yes, "Full House" was high entertainment, followed closely by "Perfect Strangers." *hearts Belky*) But for all that, I do not have happy memories about eighties music. Even in retrospect, most of it kind of falls flat.

But every rule has an exception I guess. I was procrastinating getting my lecture notes in order and poking around YouTube, and found a longer version of this song:

It's quite interesting, musically, and is actually a good listen. Pay attention especially around 4:30. I think I'm going to play around with ye olde xylophone tonight and pick out the melody. It strikes me as a fun song to work up an arrangement to.

After I run to Staples. Because it's time for the yearly ritual of picking up a six-inch, fuschia colored paperclip. We're talking about ancient Greek ideas of change, and bending the paper clip and talking about it is a useful ice-breaker. That always cracks me up, for some reason...
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