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will work for food

From the annals of FB:


Hi, Don! I'm happy you have a job in this economy and can afford food without worry. I'm sure you realize that, while you certainly work hard for your paycheck, there are many more working hard to have that option.

Reducing beggars to being lazy, though, seems thoroughly out of bounds. Sitting by the side of the road all day, in all kinds of weather so complete strangers can decide whether you're worth a dollar in change in the thirty second they take to drive by seems rather denigrating to me, in addition to being physically tough. Maybe they're not particularly productive; maybe they should be. Maybe they're trying to be - finding work of any kind these days, let alone work at a livable wage can be darned hard.

Since I don't know anything more about you other than what I've seen on your sign, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Assume you're not the entitled jerk this sign makes you seem, and that you are truly frustrated when you work so hard for such little money at the thought someone else wouldn't have to carry the load. (Usually, this traces back to the message we're fed by those who prefer us to get mad at what others like us have, rather than at how little we all have compared to the truly rich... but that's more time than I'll have before my car rolls by your sign, so we'll leave that point for another day!) Just do me a favor and pay it forward? The next time you see a man or woman and have only a few seconds to judge their motives and worth and everything else, try to be charitable. Or better yet, don't judge them at all and give what you can afford, however little that is, without trying to figure out if they're worth it.

Nice to meet you, though! *waves again*
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