fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

in which I get my Colbert on one way or another

Well, I missed out on a bracelet for the upcoming Colbert/Dolan event at Fordham (, but I did score tickets to a Colbert Report taping in early November.

It's weird - I wasn't quite sure I wanted to attend the Fordham event until I missed out. I love Colbert but (no offense intended) Cardinal Dolan often makes me see red. I try to respect him and the office, but as entertainment I wasn't so sure I'd enjoy it. Now that the bracelets are all given out, I am more regretful than I thought I'd be! I want to see the event! I may go to one of the simulcasts at least.

This strikes me as insanely first world-ish of a problem. My major complaint is that I only got tickets to the report? I'll muddle through somehow. ;-)
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