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CamelsWithHammers moving to Patheos

My friend Dan Fincke is moving his blog on atheism from its old home on the FreeThought site to Patheos. You can find him at:

Patheos is a blog site featuring many influential bloggers on religion. Not necessarily theists; they also welcome atheists, and Dan is only their latest addition to a growing section of the site. They also have sections on major religions other than Christianity as well as pretty much every corner of Christendom. You can find more about Patheos here, or see a list of their available blogs here.

Some of my other favorite Patheos bloggers are, in no particular order:

(Full disclosure: I've emailed Patheos asking whether they'd be interested to mave me blogging there and would love the opportunity to join, though I don't know if anything will come of it.)

This isn't meant as the best of Patheos, but simply the bloggers who have caught my attention and kept it - often over several years. But it is fairly indicative of their variety of opinions if not necessarily of traditions; they have a lot more on eastern religion that simply isn't the kind of material I'm most interested in reading. I don't always comment or agree, but I usually find myself challenged. It's no accident that so often what I link to and respond to here comes from a Patheos blog. Just seeing all those perspectives in a single place can be really broadening.

And that's my wish for Dan: that he'll find new idols to break and that being a part of the conversation will help all involved.
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