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the politics of not-that-guy

I've seen posts lately over at FB from groups "One Million Strong Against Romney" and "Everyone Against Liberals, Democrats and Obama"; I'm sure there are other "against" FB groups. All of which has me curious: whoever you're going to vote for in November, how many of you are voting because you really think he's a good leader (or would be)? And how many of you are voting for him out of aversion/hatred/fear of the other guy?

I'm not even asking for who "the other guy is," though if it's helpful I wouldn't mind knowing. And I guess the same thing goes for libertarians or other third-partiers: how many of you guys think Ayn Rand/whomever was right about what she believed, and how many of you claim that label because it's a way of saying not-Democrat, not-Republican?

Personally, I'm not voting against either one, and I'm not calling myself a libertarian. This isn't about cynicism or apathy, it's about honestly not thinking any of those three options comes closest enough to what I think is good for America. Voting for a guy means saying I support him, at least to me. And neither has shown so far he's worth my vote. (I am still convinceable and will keep looking to be convinced until election day.) But that specific assessment is almost irrelevant to my point here. If people think that Ron Paul or Paul Ryan (to the extent he really is a Randian) are best for America, I can respect that. If you think Romney or Obama really is the better option for America's future - again, I can respect that.

The thing that troubles me is this trend of hating Romney so much you'll vote for Obama, or vice versa, or again concerning libertarianism or whatever third party we're talking about. Because each vote has a positive platform you're supporting (yes, even libertarianism).
Just keep it civil. :-) With being sick it may take me a while to reply, but I promise to read and think about what everone says.
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