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a good day for nerds

A few things:

1. Go to Google and play around with the graphic. The starting graphic is here, but it's interactive and quite funny so do check it out.

2. Something about their expression in that graphic reminds me of this wacky Star Trek song:

3. It's Corbin Bernsen's birthday - that's the dad on "Psych." What a great actor and great character. Here's a vid of the cast singing him happy birthday last year.

All in all, not a bad day for fandom.

Not a bad day for philosophy geeks, either. Platonism in a web-comic made my day:


I've spent the day sleeping. I woke up this morning with a fever and bad chest congestion, and just crawled back into bed after canceling my day. Now I feel at least well-rested and a bit less congested (thank you, herbal tea!). At the moment I'm listening to my new Swordspoint audio book, which is nice but would undoubtedly even nicer if I was less "loopy," mentally.

That is the good thing about owning it: I can relive it. For now, it's a wonderful low-stress activity. Anyone else have geeky fannish things to entertain me with, or entertainments of another kind (cute cats are always welcome)?

Also: Himring was right, I completely screwed up the etymologies in last night's post. All of which makes me a very bad medievalist. :^) Can I claim I was getting sick even before I realized it myself? In any case, wanted to 'fess up there. I swear I've heard people draw that linguistic connection. The only linguistic cousin I could find was "discipline." I think the point still stands, though: in the ancient world, being a student was less about memorizing facts and more about receiving guidance from a certain mentor.
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